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Years ago, I was introduced to Forex by a friend. With no knowledge at all I decided to take my chances and give Forex CFD's a try.

Like most traders, for the first 2 years, I was a losing trader trying to break the code of success. Trying to find the correct strategy to trade, the correct pair and the perfect risk management to use, until I found the method that works for me. Not to mention the money I spent learning the hard way, by losing!

I use a winning strategy since than on the eur/usd pair and it keeps proving itself for a long time. I see those pips month by month!

Since 2014, I decided to share the way I trade with others in order to help more people see the correct way to trade Forex (to my opinion).

Using the highly important requirements of patience and self-control, I thought about showing my members how I trade daily.

Since I started sharing my trades, I have been showing both beginners and experts the way I trade on a daily basis, with full information about each and every trade I take including times, entries and exit rates, and the exact risk management I use. I explain in each message why I take my trades, technically and fundamentally.

Looking at those charts every day for years - made me see things others can't see I guess, and of course with time I have learned how to analyze the market better to improve my results. Experience is the name of the game!

In other words, I am a motivated guy that knows how to set a goal in life and how to get there! My method has proved itself for long, and I thought about sharing it ... why not? Whatever you share multiplies!

People love what I provide so I decided to register a LIMITED company and develop a professional website and application for my users, along with a devoted support team to answer all your questions.

We will be happy to have you as an AndyW LTD member and a part of the success, so welcome! Join Now!

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