50 pips a day is what every Forex trader is looking for. 

AndyW was looking out for the same goal and developed his strategy after 2 years of learning and testing on real accounts. AndyW was the first trader to come up and succeed with the 50 pips a day Forex strategy and he uploaded his first video about the strategy to YouTube on July, 2013. 

Since than Andy shares and teaches his strategy online to thousands of traders all over the world. More than that, he also shows his exact trades to his subscribers daily! So more people can enjoy it… 

50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

 The 50 pips a day Forex strategy lean on 4 major rules: 

  1. Opening of the London and New York sessions – when long distance movements are available on the market, we have the best chances to gain 50 pips in a single trade, and that often happens during the opening of those sessions. 
  2. Trading pairs that are being traded the most – major/popular currency pairs always have bigger and clearer movements, they also have smaller spread and are cheaper to trade, therefore more profitable. 
  3. Combination of technical and fundamental analysis to locate opportunities of at least 50 pips movements – some pairs have an average of 90 pips movements and above daily, so gaining 50 pips out of it is definitely possible, but we must know and understand tools that will give us the best entries and exists.
  4. Win big, lose small – risk management is highly important in trading, without the right one there is no way to make a long-term profitable result. AndyW never lose more than 29 pips on a trade but wins 50 pips on his winning trades. With a success rate of 83% and a weekly risk management formula the results are obvious – profits! 
The 50 pips a day Forex strategy has more to offer and include more valuable points that are necessary to make this work (like patience and self-control), but in this article we mentioned only the most powerful and important ones. 

The rest are available for AndyW active members. Andy’s members have full access to AndyW daily trades, exact risk management formula developed by Andy and access to his unique Android and iOS apps. 

Using the AndyW Forex signals app, Andy sends out an alert of a new coming trade, after 5-15 minutes another notification is sent and includes Andy’s exact trade with his traded pair, entry and exit rates. 

Andy places his trades with automatic expiry rates, so his trades are closed automatically once reaching the destination, making it a “set and forget” method. 

The daily market reviews and risk management formula also available on the AndyW app. Website version and Telegram channel for premium members are also available for active members.

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