If you are a new trader, or an experienced trader,

If you are a losing trader or a profitable trader,

You should have AndyW on your side!


You can read more about AndyW in the  our about page to understand more about why you should have AndyW on your side, but here in the “How it Works” page we will explain to you step by step how to use AndyW’s service at its best.


Step 1:

Visit on Website and follow the steps to create your AndyW account.

Step 2:

Await an Email confirmation from AndyW about your account approval (That email will also include the complete AndyW guide).

Step 3:

Download the AndyW App to get Andy's LIVE Notifications! (you can also receive them by Email)

Step 4:

Take a moment to whitelist our Email to get a copy of our LIVE Notifications by Email.

You can do so by adding as a friend in your Mailbox…

That’s it! You are ready to start following AndyW’s Forex activity!


How the service is provided:

Every trading day, Andy publishes his Daily Review. Reading this review is essential for you to understand the trading process, managing open or pending trades and Andy’s analysis for his trades. Andy is writing these reviews in a clear and simple manner so it is very easy for all subscribers to understand and follow.

Andy’s Daily Review’s includes the following:

Fundamentals: Summarized news from the financial world

Financial data: The main economic data for the day

AndyW Open/Closed/Pending Trades: Updates about Andy’s trades

In my sight: Targeted assets for the day

Trading hours: Times where you should expect to receive Andy’s trades for the current day


Where are the trades published?

2. AndyW App.

3. Email

4. Telegram group for “Expert Membership” holders only

5. On our website


What do I get as an AndyW member?

As a subscriber you will receive Andy’s Daily Review (as explained above), you will receive AndyW’s trades with his entry, stop loss and take profit prices LIVE on the App, Email and on the Website.

You will receive Andy’s analyzed charts and explanation to see why Andy took those trades for the day.

You will have 24/7 support from Andy and the team.

You will have access to AndyW’s Risk Management Formula.

You will have Andy’s mentoring sessions from time to time about patience, self-control, psychological support, technical indicators and more…


How does a trade notification look like? Is there a description to help me understand the structure of the trade notification?


SL: Stop Loss 

TP: Take Profit

Pending Buy: At that level the order will be taken automatically

Pending Sell: At that level the order will be taken automatically

Buying Now: Trade will be bought by AndyW at the current rate. 

Selling Now: Trade will be sold by AndyW at the current rate.

Notifications are sent before Andy’s trades are live!


Example 1:

EUR/USD Pending BUY= 1.1220 SL=1.1200 TP=1.1270

At the beginning of each message, Andy will always mention the pair, in this case EUR/USD.

In this case only when the price reaches the level 1.1220, the trade will be opened for a “BUY” position. Therefore, even if the notification has been sent while the price was 1.1200, the trade will not yet be active until it reaches 1.1220 (20 pips away).

Example 2:

EUR/USD Buying NOW=1.2220 SL=1.1200 TP=1.1270

In this case, Andy is Buying EUR/USD now.

Before such notification, the following alert will be sent:

AndyW Next Trade Within 10 Minutes! (EUR/USD)

This alert will help you get ready for Andy’s next trade.

Example 3:

AndyW WON 50 pips (EUR/USD)

At the end of each trade, Andy notifies whether the trade was closed for Profit/Loss, what pair and for how many pips.


You can always track Andy’s performance since your date of sign up in the “Pips Since I Joined” section in your “My Account” area.

That feature will give you a great look of Andy’s results from the time you joined the service!


That is it, Visit website and become an AndyW member today!

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