AndyW Forex Trader is a service provided by an experienced trader of 13 years in the market.

The trades sent are the actual trades of the trader, and are sent to the members directly on real time, daily!

The service also includes full market review and economic events, trading education and risk management formula used by the trader.

The trader also provides private courses and 24/7 support to active users.

The company exists since 2014 and many members are active users until today (for a reason).

AndyW Forex Signals on Telegram

AndyW trades are published to active users in a private Telegram channel (in addition to the AndyW app and Email).

Members get access to the AndyW private Telegram channel after subscribing at where they are given a direct link to join the Telegram channel or being added manually by the trader.

By turning on “notifications” in your Telegram settings, you will get AndyW trades directly to your phone using the Telegram app. AndyW trades includes his exact Entry Rate, Take profit and Stop loss rates and of the course the traded Forex pair.

You will also receive an alert by Telegram, 5 – 15 minutes before the actual trade is sent.

The trader also provides a technical analysis for some of his trades, a picture with analyzed drawn chart will be published directly in the Telegram channel.

If you want to be part of the AndyW Exclusive Telegram channel and get live notifications for his live trades, simply signup at

You will receive the Telegram channel link directly to your email and/or SMS after your account is verified.


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