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1. CUSTOMER AGREEMENT These Terms and Conditions ismade between yourself ("You") and Andy W Ltd. (Andy W). Please makesure you agree and understand that Andy W is not a broker or an advisor, andthat Andy W allows you as a customer to follow and copy our trades based on ourOWN experience in Forex CFD’s trading, and it is your decision ONLY to use ourinformation. IF YOU MAKE INVESTMENT DECISIONS IN RELIANCE ONINFORMATION WHICH IS AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITES AND/ OR APPLICATION AND AS ARESULT OF THE USE OF OUR SERVICE, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK AND ANDY W LTD.THEIR EMPLOYEES WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES THAT YOU MAY SUSTAIN. YOUSHOULD NOT MAKE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION WITHOUT FIRST CONDUCTING YOUR OWNRESEARCH. YOU ARE SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING WHETHERANY INVESTMENT, OR STRATEGY, OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS APPROPRIATE ORSUITABLE FOR YOU BASED ON YOUR INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES AND PERSONAL AND FINANCIALSITUATION. It is important to understand that historical performanceis not a guarantee of future performance. Please make sure you agree and understandthe risk involved. There are no sure winnings or money making promises! Pleasemake sure you agree and understand that WE only share our trades with ourmembers and this is your decision and responsibility ONLY whether to follow usor not. Please make sure you agree and understand that you may NOT get arefund for our service for any reason and at any time once payment completed asyou have received FULL information about our service and our terms andconditions before joining, and only you have control over your trading andPayPal's account. Please make sure you agree and understand that by subscribingto our service your PayPal's account will be automatically billed every 1 month/ 5 months – based on the Membership plan you have chosen until you personallychange your membership plan on our website or cancel your subscription viaPayPal.


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