About Us

What is AndyW Ltd?

AndyW Ltd is a service provided by a professional 11 years Forex trader and his trading activity. The information would contain his exact entry,take profit level,stop loss level,type of entry (market condition or pending order),also information on why he will be taking his trade,technically and fundamentally analysed. AndyW also provides information about the market, and his risk management rules of success, all in one place!

What does the trader trade?

AndyW places his trades mainly on Forex pairs. Minimum  2 trades per day.

How many trades are taken in the day and when?

AndyW places his 2 positions during the London and New York opening sessions because of its bigger movements. 

Does AndyW change his position during the day?

AndyW may minimize risk when the trade is still live by moving his SL to his Entry rate. All members will receive a notification when that happens. However, most trades are "set and forget" and won't be changed once live.

Do I place the exact same trade?

AndyW shares his own trading activity. Any use of AndyW trading information is your decision and responsibility only.

Is AndyW a signal provider or recommend what trades to take?

AndyW is a professional and experienced trader. The information provides detailed explanation for Andy's activity including his entry type (market condition or pending order),stop loss level and take profit level. Any use of that information is your responsibility only.

My Account

What is "My Account"?

This page is exclusively for paid members of AndyW. This page allows the user to view "Today's Review", how many pips AndyW made since joining, password change, account details, and more.

What happens if the details I have entered on the "Join Now" form are incorrect?

Once your details have been submitted you are unable to change them. You will have to contact us and explain the inconsistency in the details you have provided.

How can I pay for my membership?

Currently through the website only. We support PayPal payments.

What if my country does not support PayPal?

You should contact us via Live Chat support and we will assist you further.

How much does it cost to become a member?

We currently offer 3 membership plans which are:
Monthly = 119$
Yearly = 828$ ($69 per month)

Lifetime VIp = $5000

What is "Pips since I Joined"?

This is the amount of pips AndyW has made since you first registered to AndyW Ltd.

Once my membership expires am I billed automatically?

Your membership is automatically renewed at the same date you had joined and the amount will be deducted for the same amount and period as per your registration. For example if you had joined on January 1st for 1 month membership - your membership will automatically be renewed on February 1st for 1 month. You can upgrade to a better plan or cancel your membership anytime via PayPal website,but we do not give refunds for payments which have already been made.

Membership Sign Up

Why am I being asked personal information on the Join Now form?

It is very important for AndyW Ltd to record your details securely as we must be 100% confident that you are who you stated to be. We must make sure we provide the service to the person who paid for it. This service is only available to members over the age of 18 so we must protect ourselves as well as all of our members.

How to cancel my membership?

In order to cancel your membership you need to log in to your PayPal account and cancel the automatic renewal process to end your membership or just contact us and request us to do so.

How do I change my membership plan?

It's easy! You contact us for details!

Are my details secured?

Your details are saved on our secured database, which only we have access to. Your information will never be shared with anyone unrelated to AndyW Ltd.

I have changed my personal details since I registered to the service,what can I do?

You can contact us via Live Chat and let us know, we will then update your account details.

I have joined as a member but I am not happy with it. Can I get a refund?

During your joining process you had accepted the terms and conditions of the service which states there are no refunds, however please contact us in such case as most of our members are very happy with AndyW service and we would like to understand the issue.

Before I sign up I have questions about the service what can I do?

You are welcome to start a conversation with our chat representatives through the Live Chat option at any time, we are also available on Skype and Whatsapp.

Live Chat

When I am talking on Live Chat am I talking to the trader directly?

You may get connected to the trader if he is available. During your conversation he will state that he is the trader otherwise you will be speaking with a company chat representative.

I have sent an offline chat request during weekend. When will I get a reply?

Your question will automatically be sent to and be answered within 1 business day.

AndyW's Daily Trades

What is the "Today's Review" page?

This page is updated before London Open or earlier from Monday to Friday by our trader. When the page is updated all registered paid members are sent a live notification to alert them of a new Daily Market Review. This page contains information about our traders trading activity, news, trading times, analysis open and closed trades, and more, all in one place!

How do I receive your notifications?

We send our live notifications via our AndyW App on iOS and Android applications and also by Email and Telegram.

What happens if I share/re-sell AndyW's information?

Based on our Intellectual property fully described in our Terms and Conditions - Under no circumstances you are allowed to share or sell this information with anyone. If you are proven guilty of sharing this information with anybody we may take legal actions against you.This is outlined in the terms and conditions you have agreed to at the time of your registration.

Can I copy the trade information provided for my own trades?

Our trader provides detailed information about his own trading activity, you are solely responsible for what you choose to do with this information. AndyW Ltd nor the trader is responsible for the results of the trade you place/copy from the information provided.

AndyW's Risk Management

What is the "Risk Management" page?

This page has information about the exact formula our trader uses for each trade to minimize the risk involved in trading Forex. You can also find an example on how to calculate risk using the formula provided.

Why am I unable to access the Risk Management page?

You must be an active paid member to access this page.

Can I use the same risk management for my own trades?

Our trader shares his own risk management information. You are solely responsible for your own risk.

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