AndyW is one of the very firsts Forex traders to share their secret trades with the world showing how they are part of the 5% successful Forex traders using a 50 pips a day trading strategy.

AndyW started as a simple individual and attracted many traders around the world to follow his Forex activity.

Due to his outstanding results, and the grown demand for his Forex trading support, he built a whole system with his team to support more and more traders, using the AndyW app, Email system and some Telegram groups.

AndyW became a professional Forex mentor in addition to his professional trading skills and now traders around the world enjoy the fruits of his work.

AndyW does not only share his secret trades with his followers but also teaching his Risk Management rules formula, patience and self-control approach and explain his technical and fundamental analysis for some of his trades.

Some of AndyW's long term followers are in daily contact with him and get a VIP support for their questions, financial events, and tips.

AndyW believes that every gifted person on this planet should share their gift so it remains in a positive cycle and continue to grow.

AndyW shares his Forex success until today and will continue to do so with his followers as long as traders around the world are demanding his support.

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