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After many years of practicing Forex trading and developing unique technical models, Andy is offering traders and investors from all over the world the opportunity to have a glimpse into the world of a professional Forex trader that specializes in a 50-pips/day strategy.

With the assistance of models from the fields of statistics and mathematics, Andy was able to expand the EUR/USD strategy for all other major currency pairs and further refine the strategy for 50-pips/day reaching impressive success ratings, also for commodity trading like gold and crude oil.

50-pips/day strategy allows future secure entries to a wide variety of trades that any Forex trader can open in advance.

The management, the risk and the objectives of each trade are set in advance by Andy, making the process extremely easy and simple, sparing you the headaches and wasted time of sitting in front of your screen the whole day.

Every customer that registers to track Andy's portfolio will automatically receive a link to the trading application, and once installed on your phone/tablet you can rest assured that you will get all the updates through Live Push Notification with all the necessary information (entry/target/stop), accompanied by announcements and reviews when needed.

Andy, unlike many other professional traders, believes in long and strong movements and therefore does not flood with messages and notifications and does the job with just 1 – 3 signals a day.

Many times, when the strategy surpasses the 50-pips a day, Andy locks the stop profit of 50-pips and enables the trade to continue to generate money without interrupting it (using the Stop Profit command).

Andy updates his followers by 3 types of messages:

Medium/long-term moves

AndyW Set and forget

Short term moves

AndyW Live


AndyW Events

Tracking another trader's portfolio is not suitable for everyone!

You are welcome to track Andy only with the condition that you are patient, available and have the desire to learn and enjoy the progress.

The Forex market has a lot of trading pitfalls and it is a professional trader's job to skip them and choose the safest way to find correct and profitable trades.



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