Subscribers Say

  • Md akhtar
    supar treding h
  • Jakub Valenta
    how do you count those pips since joined ?!
  • Andris Snepsts
    it actually work and you earn money?
  • Arda Saliah
  • Wahid Quasem
    just joined the service.andy is great.want to say thank you
  • Ken Yuan
    great to be part of this service! Andy is a great trader and has great self self discipline! This is important to consistently pull profits from the market!
  • Joelle smith
    I have been a member for about 2 and a half years now with Andy. The service was always great but we had some bad times also. Andy just recently started a new service called AndyW live which is a huge jump in the quality of the trades and service to my opinion
  • nick Riva
    Hi can anyone give me a rough idea how consistent the trades are. Thanks
  • Karen Margarjan
    Hi, Happy to be a part of this
  • Ghaleb Al Habsi
    I have been with Andy for about 4 months and what I say is what I feel and what I feel is I really really wished if I came to know Andy earlier than 4 months. He is superb and excellent trader. After trying many techniques and strategies and loosing money over bad services from different companies, finally I found what I call FOREX Hero.
    God bless you Andy. Keep the good work you are doing and remember you are one of a kind.

  • Susanne R. Magee
  • Ken Yuan
    This guy knows what he is doing! Very Professional and is a very diciplined trader!
  • richard cull
    I've got no experience with this and havent traded at all before. However, after just a week of following AndyW's moves I've made more than my weekly wage at work. Andy has helped me greatly and has always been there to message me directly with any questions I've had. I strongly recommend that people get on board with Andy. I made the sign up fee back instantly so there's no excuse not to join!!
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  • Terry Poole
    Hi Andy, Another great start to the week! Been with you for a while now and have to say your service is one of the best I've seen, and I've seen a few over the years. For anyone looking all I can say is give it a go It's Golden.
  • Paul Pennington
    Keep up the good work Andy, great to be back. Keep those pips coming mate!
  • Levani Brodzeli
    the best trader I have EVER seen! you are the best!!! it is as simple as your trading activity for us :) I wish you will continue your profitable trading long time and hope you share your success to us. THANKS AGAIN!
  • Robert Rien
    After about 9 months of no trading due to personnel issues I am very pleased to be back trading with Andy.
    I re-joined 2 days ago and got straight back into it, 2/3 wins so far, trading with Andy is so simple just as the video says, the new short video explains in simple terms what most people need to know, well that's what I think.

    Every evening (Sydney time) I patiently wait for the instructions and once received it only takes a minute or two to place the trade/s of the day, then I shut down the platform and do something else.
    Looking back over the past 9 months I know I have lost a lot of income by not trading with Andy, never mind I'm back now.

    I recommend Andy's service but only if you follow his advise and understand this is a long term project, expect loosing streaks, as they will occur and prepare for them by not over investing and you will ride them out and be profitable.
    I have tried other services, mainly because they were cheaper but they were just too involved , too many trades in a day, I had to be on the job all the time or I would loose all to often.

    Rob Rien
  • Beljar777
    I’ve been trading with Andy for almost two years now. I must say that I have learned a lot and at the same time made money. Andy has been very consistent in ending a month with profits. Since the beginning of my first subscription up to this date, Andy W has been a great trading buddy. And it is indeed true that you can be a part of the 5% of the successful traders simply by subscribing to Andy W.
  • Damion Charter
    I started trading with Andy about 3 months back and I can honestly say that his system is very very effective. Best thing is everything runs so smooth wake up, check your Skype read his post and simply follow exactly what he does. My account is growing and I am happy with the service thank you very much Andy and happy new year.
  • Darren Boyd
    is the trading group still going on?
  • Jamie F
    have been trading with Andy for some time now, and the only thing I can say is that excellent forex results have been achieved! Losses have occurred (of course), but profits have been building up consistently over time making this a very profitable business! Money will be made without needing to worry all day long + an excellent way to learn (more about) forex. If hesitating to join, just ask me for my experience :) 
  • Halina Drozd
    180 pips so far this week, feels great, you just need to be patience, not to panic when the charts start going different directions, you had set up your profit what you risk to lose ( entry, limit ,stop) and leave till results come, leave your computer do not sit and watch, because than your panic is coming, good luck everybody,:)) Halina
  • Winelad01
    I've been trading with Andy for less than a month and I am really happy!  His trade signals are excellent and my account is in profit - for the first time! 
  • ceh N
    I too made 170 pips yesterday. this was a fantastic call!! Andy is truly teaching me to trade like a champion!!!!
  • Michael Fearnhead
    Hey Andy,
    After the market gave us a disappointing start your analysis proved too good again for a 170 pip profit. Great stuff! Cheers, Michael
  • MrDinethc
    Great service...Yesterday made 170 pips! Amazing....I would like to recommend Andy to anyone.
  • robertr777
    Great technical and fundamental analysis from this guy. 170 pips in a night. Spot on Andy
  • Halina Drozd
    170 pips today,win win win...
  • Mini-T
    Hi guys today Andys group had 170 pips profit :) join us tommorow or at Monday for successfull trading :) contact Andys skype
  • edju khonsuba
    if u wanna make money and learn how to trade, join now, consistent winning strategy and ongoing fx education about this market, i,ve recently join this group and is very happy with Andy,s trading 170 pips today....   
  • plainaccount
    Quality Trader and Quality Service consistent wins and an awesome trader and leader join when you are ready to make some real money + made 170pips today alone
  • Chris Atkins
    I joined Andys group this year. Currently we haven't had a loss! :-) it's been 10 winning trades in a row. Everyday we get sent a signal - a clear trade instruction - and a reason why Andy will make that trade that day. You set up the trade in your given broker - and leave it. So far I have made 38% give or take from my initial investment of 2000 dollars - in 10 trades!!!. After the month finishes and everything looks good - I think I will pull all my cash from a fund manager I currently have who pays 10% per month and put it into this. Andy says he usually gets 3 out of 5 trades a week - which would bring my 38% down quite a lot - but still slow and steady wins In the end! - Andys group is reasonable in price - but if you are trading less than 1000 dollars it could be difficult to make significant profit each month. Andy knows what he is doing, I like his approach, and doesn't promise the world, which is really refreshing. If you have a question he is there to help too.
  • kata klysum
    Andy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the forex game. i know first hand becuase im part of his trading group and his methods and practices work period. andys always happy to answer any questions i have too which is awesome
  • PermaroofUK
    I have been with andy 2 weeks and have had 10 trades and 10 wins. Today has just closed out for 30 pips. Its working well for me so far.
  • Pandis Diskul
    Andy is the real deal! I've been with Andy for about a month, and i can confirm that Andy has a great track record. The percentage of winning trades is very high. Loosing trades are rare. In fact, Andy had 2/2 wins this week so far for 80 pips profit, and last week he had 4/4 wins for 237 pips profit , what's more to ask ?!
  • Halina Drozd
    six wins on the road, awesome,Halina
    • Halina Drozd
      +Andrew Kwiat yes
      if you earn more during a month 200 is ok to pay for work he does checking all technical, moves, news, -it is short cut for you any ways everybody has their own choice regards Halina 
  • ceh N
    After struggling with many robots and subscriptions which drained money, I am super happy to have found Andy's service. Andy's performance has been phenomenal and I am very happy with the edge I have trading exactly as Andy does!
  • Mark Leigh
    Ive been in Andy's group now for  1month. I'm extremely impressed with his service.Unlike the multitude of scammers around, Andy gives a real service. I seriously think Andy's service will change my life for the better. You cant expect winning trades all the time but consistent profitability is what Andy provides. 
  • Sven-Erik Pettersson
    I have been using Andy's services for a while and I can only say they're wonderful.
    It does not win every time but it makes no it's the long run that counts.
    so I can really recommend his services.And he always answers when you have any questions.Well done! keep it up
  • Author John Cummings
    I would happily endorse Andy's trading service. He is helpful and courteous and encourages the use of good money management with conservative reward to risk  ratios. Andy spends a long time analysing the market and offers advise on the exact  trades he places into the marketplace. Of course not every trade is a winner, but in FOREX the game is long, and overall he wins plenty more than he loses. If you employ the use of good money management, he will help you make money week on week. Nice guy and knows exactly what he is doing. Keep up the great work Andy.
  • napoliscc
    Go for it. GUYS ANDY IS THE PIP MASTER!!!!!!
    No one I mean no one is as kind courteous and a super trader like Andy. I really mean this. Andy you are one of a kind.
    Been with andy for a while and never been happier with a paid service.
    Thank you andy
  • Jawad Baraka
    Great results you achieved this week and the last so far Andy. Well done! keep it up.
  • che masnira che mohd suldin
    look likes andy is very good trader.... not a joke...
    • Andy.W
      You can see for yourself! Join here to receive my trades:
  • iabw1987
    Go for it. Trade with Andy for 3 months in a row at least to take any conclusions. It will be at least 60 trades. It's already a good sample size to see where things are going. If you are afraid, risk a lower amount of money and increase slowly. 13 weeks only 2 weeks we lose and that is phenomenal. 1 trade per day. 21-22 trades a month. 260 trades a year. Couldn't find a better signal service.
  • Mini-T
    Last week we lost 30 pips for week ... it was 2nd week we lost from 13 ! :) usually we win 70-150 pips for a week :) no every time is trade for 50 pips ... sometime lower .. sometime higher .. depens on Andys Analysis... Strategy works very well in long term .. if u will use good money management he will create a fortune for you :)... I strongly recomend his service man :) (this is not scam just copy the message to know about his service)
    • che masnira che mohd suldin
      +Malchi8888 awesome
    • Mini-T
      +che masnira che mohd suldin
      ye 80 pips
    • che masnira che mohd suldin
       great :) it profit yesterday?
    • Mini-T
      +che masnira che mohd suldin
      today trade is still opened .. :) looking very good .)
    • Uros Bukovec
      I send him on skyp my request to yoin hist trading group. Hope that he Will see and response .
    • che masnira che mohd suldin
      thanks 4 the info.what about today trade?
  • Jens Nielsen
    Fantastic results. Easy to follow trade recommendations with specific entry level, Take Profit target & Stop Loss level. Andy communicates well. Check it out for yourself
  • Jens Nielsen
    Fantastic results. Easy to follow trade recommendations with specific entry level, Take Profit target & Stop Loss level. Andy communicates well. Check it out for yourself.
  • Halina Drozd
    this is great, joy, happiness to win 50 pips a day  3 days on the road, so if you want to feel the same and make money do not wait jump in, ,,,
  • Fib FX
    Keep on Rocking Buddy!

    Can Highly Recommend his Service!
    Have Faith... trade the Signals, and stick to the plan.
    Youll be happy.
  • Blazey2k6
    Andy is a genius its as simple as that. I've been trading with Andy so far for 3 weeks and he does exactly as he says.
  • Lyrana Hughes
    I love trading with Andy! Each day I calculate how many units I need to risk in order to make 50 pips=3% of my account. (Oanda is unit not lot based) I only risk 3% of my account on each trade. Over the past 9 weeks I've averaged a 6% return per week which is an average of 24% a month, which is INSANELY GOOD FOREX RESULTS! My account is compounding and I know that in a year or two Andy will help me realize my dream of being abundant and not living paycheck to paycheck. I can't thank him enough. Feel free to message me with questions about the group 
    • Andrew K
      Hi Lyrana, I would love to join the group but so far no respond from Andy, any advice you have for me, thanks.
  • Halina Drozd
    i love it, the best for me, thanks Andy,
  • Zoltan Vers
    I have my own business, and Andy W become my investor.  He is almost like win on a lottery!
  • john max
    truly amazing!this week was a cool green week,can't wait for monday to come!once again thanks andy!
  • benjamin garande
    Great guy and very great service! ! Thumbs up from me all day! !
  • valter vasilev
    Thank you Andy...novice trader here..making money in a volatile market is not an easy thing to do...thank you for your signals..
  • Marquise Garth
    Andy has proven his trading strategy which can be profitable in long run. I would strongly recommend his trading service.
  • Halina Drozd
    I just join the group, he is awesome give us real signals to buy or sell and you just place an order and make money, really great. i made already profit 50 pips a day, but also what I experience help me to confirm my orders and keeps me  going with better results and better money, do not wait join us...
    • Karly Warly
      +SPQRapid Yes, he gives you plenty of time. I just made over 60 pips tonight, too :D
    • SPQRapid
      +Karl Burnett
      but he says in advance right ? so prepare the trade for gbp-usd ! something like that ?
    • Karly Warly
      +SPQRapid Yes, very clear. He'll tell you exactly what to buy/sell, what rates and when :)
    • SPQRapid
      +Karl Burnett and are they clear ! like he says Eur-USD buy ? pls give a example
    • Karly Warly
      He sends the trades out via Skype text message :)
    • SPQRapid
      +Karl Burnett
      now when the session will start will we see his  screen or only hear his voice ?
    • Karly Warly
      You can use any platform. I use eToro :) Andy should reply. He got back to me quickly and explained it before I paid. Just keep in mind time differences etc :)
    • SPQRapid
      In his previous video he says that he makes some money when we make , so are we obliged to use PLUS 500 as a platform ?

      and alwso will he only respond on skype only after i have payid the subscription ?
    • Halina Drozd
      +Andrew Kwiat from Poland UK
    • Andrew Kwiatkowski
      Hi Halinka ,are u still trading? What is your country of trading? I've problem to register from Canada
    • Andrew K
      It's what I did, he's not responding, I'm realy disapointed, but i'ts OK, I'm doing just fine, thanks Halinka,
    • Halina Drozd
      +Andrew K what do you mean, just write the message you want to ask him and he will write back
    • Andrew K
      Hi, Halina, I have trouble contact Andy, do you have any advise
    Andy has been great. Easy to talk with and patient enough especially for newbies. :) Thumbs up
  • Minho Kim
    It's incredible.
    I really think that i am lucky guy.
    Andy is shown me wonderful performance last 7 weeks.
    As a result, my account mounted up like a balloon. Of course, my joy did, too.
    I strongly recommend you to join our trading group.
    That choice will make you happy.
    Take this opportunity, i want to say thank you to Andy.
  • Chris L.
    Hey everyone, I have to say that Andy's service is amazing. I made back my investment on the very first day!
  • jason yao
    Andy did it again, his simpliest strategy won 20 out of 25 trials. Thank you..
  • Kev McGraw
    Well what a great start. Andy has been very helpful guiding me with his trading and on the first two days that ive been with him we have had two winning trades from 2.
  • John Szarek
    I've been trading for 6 years and getting ok results until I found Andy.  He's literally sent my trading from ok to awesome in 3 weeks!  He's a true expert trader and always available if you have any questions.  If you want to make a bucket load of cash every week then you have foud the man to make it happen for you! 
  • John Szarek
    I've been trading for 6 years and getting ok results until I found Andy.  He's literally sent my trading from ok to awesome in 3 weeks!  He's a true expert trader and always available if you have any questions.  If you want to make a bucket load of cash every week then you have foud the man to make it happen for you! 
  • Balaji Kannan
    Awsum tips provided by Andy. Just follow what he says.. I can assure you that you ll be happy.. I ve been using andy s tips for about j 20 days and have made very good progress.. Thanks andy
  • Stéphane Truong
    Andy's service is working very well! I joined 3 weeks ago and learned a lot about how to enter trades. Andy is such a nice guy, replying to you if you have questions and giving very useful advices! You won't be disappointed joining the group! Thanks Andy :)
  • Dane Barrett
    hey guys reasons why you should join andy trading group: well he increse your invested capital with successful trades, extra income for you and your family, you learn is method and continue to grow your account better than any interest rate a bank could give you....and most of all he is always there for any questions you want to join up people success is within your grasp :)
  • Simon Andersson
    Im very impressed of Andy, he does a really good work that anyone can take part of becaus of his unselfishness! So join his trading group and he will help you with your trades! So, many thanks to you and what you do Andy!
  • Balaji Kannan
    have subscribed to Andy's trading service.. has been working out very well and am loving it. subscribed to his service just about a week ago and in 5 days of trading have made close to 200 pips.. feel very good about this and would like to recommend  his service to all .
    thanks Andy... hope we see more greens :)
  • David Chin Fong
    Another winning three days! Did I say the service and trade predictions are phenomenal? If you are on the sidelines and not sure about this service, get off the fence and get on board this train. You will enjoy the ride. Well done, Andy.
  • senko007
    i am a member of andy's trading group and i can reccomend it to anyone trying to make money with forex
  • Dane Barrett
    Hello i am a true member of Andy trading group i have learn alot and is method is neat and smart.....he is a professional trader and he analyzed the market and help us make crazy money with him.....if you want to start making join the group and see for yourself
  • Sokha Sung
    It's great service. Spend a few minutes to set up the trade, then forget, and can do anything I want!
  • Nadju Lantua
    Guys if you would like to have profitable trades, don’t waste your time and subscribe to Andy’s signals. Andy not only tells you where to put your take profit and stop lose positions, but explains why does he take that decision. Very happy with his service and suggest everyone, especially if you are new to trading. You can learn hell a lot!!! Massive Thank you, Andy!!!
  • mxer4
    Andy has been very communicative with his strategies. Im just a beginner but he helped  me learn so much!
  • David Chin Fong
    Hello all,
    Andy's service provides a win/win situation for everyone. Been with him for almost two weeks now and my only regret is that I didn't sign up a long time ago. You will not be disappointed with the service as you will be making a whole lot of pips. Very accurate trades and predictions. Highly recommended!!!
  • Jack Levy
    Andy is a terrific trader with very clear and exact entry and exit signals.   Most trades and most weeks are very profitable and  will be very happy that you subscribed to Andy’s service. There is no fluff and no hype just a consistently accurate and solid service. He is very easily accessible answering all Skype messages right away. I tried Andy because of all the positive reviews and now I take great pleasure in seeing the results live for myself and being able to tell you from someone who was skeptical at first that it is well worth your time and investment to follow Andy’s daily signals.
  • Warren Clark
    Thanks Andy. Great service and great results. Easy and Simple way to trade.
  • Veronica Thomas
    This my own observation, Andy has been right on point with the 50 pips he pulls out of the market daily. I wasn't certain if this would work since I deal these, so called, senior advisers who did nothing but lose my money. I tried training on my own and still it was a bomb till I met Andy - and I saw that he told the truth and I saw that I was actually winning daily.  A really good guy!!!  Thanks A bunch Andy! 
  • Minho Kim
    If you are looking for a great FXtrading guide,
    I'm sure that Joining in Andy's trading group would be the bestbestbest choice.
    I'm faced fantastic time in my life since joining.
  • Alex Cherry
    I joined Andy's service a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I don't know how he does it but I am glad that I found him. I feel that with Andy's help I can finally get out of the rat race and be able to enjoy life.  If you are thinking about joining Andy you shouldn't think too long. Just sign up and be amazed with the results like I am. 
  • Ken Wilson
    Good service! Steady growth! No complaints !
  • Marianne F
    HI everyone. this week has been the best ever since i started trading 5 months ago. i used different strategies before, but was still losing. then i came across this video and decided to try andy's strategy. i joined his group, followed his strategy and the first week has been amazing. made a profit on every single trade. i am so grateful i found you Andy. you are a star.
    highly recommend. 
  • Minho Kim
    After participating in his group, I have experienced amazing results.
    i assure. He is the best.
  • David George
    Simple and well defined strategy, easy to follow even if you have a job or go to school definitely recommend his service
  • LyranaH
    I'm truly happy that I found Andy and that I'm following a profitable trader! I've seen great account growth in the month that I've been with him and am looking forward to what the long-term growth that I know I will achieve!
  • Alex Lye
    I am so glad that I met Andy. Really a great trader! 50 pips a day is just awesome. Thanks you Andy!
  • Gary Barrett
    If you want to make money off winning trades then you have found the man for the job Andy his a pro with great insight he won't steer you wrong and he make me money so join up people, better to make money off winning trades than to have an higher average of losing trades
  • Paul D
    First trade today with Andy, 50 pips today, very happy, a fantastic genuine person who wants to help, you wont regret signing up for his service.
  • LyranaH
    I just sent you a request via skype and look forward to purchasing your daily signals Thanks!
  • Joseph8753
    Hi All, I just started using Andy Signal for two days. I won 2/2 trades(100 pips). It's amazing. I highly recommend this guy.
  • Dale.F
    If you Trade small you gain small, if you Trade big gain BIG.. At first I was a little skeptical about trading with Andy, but just the two weeks that I signed up for his alerts has proven to be so successful; I can now see how 40-50 pips per day pays off well;even earning 100 pip a day at times like today WOW!!.. Thank you Andy!! for being forthcoming and honest and most of all - Delivering what you say you can. I will recommend you anytime :-)
  • shell heinrich
    Andy is such a genuine person and you will not regret subscribing to his alerts. His results speak for themselves. JOIN NOW!! and spread the word. His money management is fantastic and is how trading should be. Thank you so much Andy!
  • Todd Isaac
    Hi, This was my first day as a paid member. Took my first trade today and it was a winner. Honestly, I was nervous about subscribing with Andy, but he has been nothing but helpful so far. I post an update after my first month of trading is complete.
  • A. Ariana
    Hi Guys.. if you are tired of losing... i highly recommend him!! As i have said.. he is.. one of those.. the only..... 5%-10% who knows... how to profit... from trading!! Thanks a lot Andy.. god bless you!!  P.S.Wish I had started sooner!!!

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